Staying Healthy on Superbowl Sunday

Most of us are going to join friends and family to watch the Superbowl today.  The Seahawks aren't there this year, but I'm a west coast girl so GO 9'ers!  You can still stay on track with your health and fitness goals by eating mindfully, staying hydrated, choosing healthy substitutes, staying on track with supplements, and keep moving.  

Before I go to the party I am attending today I will eat a light sensible meal. In the past I have waited all day to eat and then I would attack the food at the party, but that is a sure way to overeat. I also use smaller plates.  With a smaller plate you won't be able to put as much food on your plate.  This won't stop you from going back for seconds, but thats where self control must come in.., it's mind over matter. We also tend to forget that alcoholic beverages often contain a lot of sugar which equals empty calories.  Try limiting your intake to one or two beverages.  If not, there are drinks that have less calories.  My go to is Tito's vodka and soda.  If you do eat or drink more than you planned, don't beat yourself up.  

Tomorrow is a new day and another day to work on being the best version of yourself!  Fitness - Focused!!