Detox Benefits

I am a big proponent of detoxing.  While some people severely restrict their calories while detoxing, I don't because that limits energy which we all need to get through the day.   

I use the laso detox which is an all natural cleaning drink.  It is gentle enough to drink daily, tastes great, and it works.  For me the benefits of laso tea are a boost in my energy levels, supports digestion, reduces inflammation, promotes healthy skin, and improves my overall mood.   In addition to drinking laso tea I drink lots of water, eat lots of fruits and vegetables, limit sugar, avoid processed foods, and eat lean proteins.  We are exposed to toxins everyday in the foods we eat and in our environment.  Detoxing safely can help boost your immune system and effectively remove unwanted substances from your body.  Try it I think you will be a believer as well....Fitness - Focused!